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Our Story

I felt like I was failing as a parent...

Hello! I am Dr. Curtis Breville, the inventor of The Original Daddy Caddy.

It was January of 1998 when my first child was born. The birth was life changing for me; I was overwhelmed with a feeling of such unconditional love for her! Since that day, my priorities for the rest of my life were forever changed.

I wanted SO badly to be the best dad I could and be involved in every aspect of my daughter's life. The holding, feeding, bathing, playing, soothing, tucking-in, etc. I looked forward to every morning.

Frustration set in whenever I could not find what I needed for her. Whether that was a misplaced pacifier, the clippers for her tiny nails that were scratching her face, the bulb aspirator to clear out her nose, or even finding a diaper when I needed one. The worst thing was having to wake up my recovering wife on her night off to ask her where something was. I felt like a failure when I couldn't find what I needed.


1998 - I am a first time dad!

An Idea!

That was when an idea crossed my mind to have something that allowed me to keep everything I needed within arms reach while also providing a soft and comfortable safeguard for my clothes. I didn't have a name yet for this, but it got me looking to see if there was something similar.

New Dad, Take Two

Fast forward to 2003 and daughter #2 was on the way. By the time she was due in 2004, six-years have gone by and I still could not find something similar to my idea. I put pencil to paper and began sketching an idea for something that would make caring for a new baby a little easier for myself and other new dads. In 2004, The Original Daddy Caddy was born. I had 700 professionally manufactured, created a website, and began selling them at farmer's markets and baby-item trade shows. If I was there to demonstrate it, they sold like hotcakes! This was prior to social media and I just wasn't able to reach the masses. 


2004 - My 1st marketing picture
        2004 - The original label that ironed on the back

New Dad, Take Three

Baby #3 arrived later in 2006. By this time I was coaching my first born, had a toddler, and a now newborn. I didn't have free weekends to get out and sell my product. With life getting so busy, including a move to a new state and a job change, the remaining Original Daddy Caddies sat in my basement, only coming out when I gave one or two away to expecting parents. 



22-years following my initial idea, 16-years after my first production run, and just before the pandemic shut down business travel, I brought 2 Daddy Caddies to my office to give to a couple of coworkers who recently had babies. The people in the office went NUTS over them. That night I spent hours scouring the internet for gifts for new dads. Though 16 years has gone by since version 1 of The Original Daddy Caddy was invented, nothing similar to it was on the market.

Within a month, I had redesigned the original version to be more functional, comfortable, and attractive. I searched for eye-catching designs and conducted updated market research. Many fantastic and talented people I have met over the years got excited about it and stepped up to offer their help in marketing and web design.


The Original Daddy Caddy is back and better than ever! Since our relaunch in 2020, we have been getting our name and purpose known to many. We have launched three different designs with new ones coming to market soon. The mission of helping new dads become great dads is still the goal and plans for new products made specifically to help ALL caretakers of new babies.