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Gifts For Dads & Intro to The Original Daddy Caddy

Hello and welcome to The Original Daddy Caddy's official blog!

We hope you will find this informative, entertaining, and surprisingly refreshing. We hope you'll come back and chime in or ask questions.

A good first place to start is to explain what in the world we are doing inventing a product for dads. Have you searched "gifts for new dads"? I was certain there would be at least a few gifts that were made to help dads to parent, but I was wrong.

Open up a new window and try it right now. I just found a box with socks, a key chain, a onesie, and some soap. Searching a bit further, I found a list of 69 "Best" first father's day gifts from a well known news source. Sunglasses, a bluetooth speaker, and a set of roasting sticks top the list. Further down the list are cologne, non-alcoholic liquor, and the ever popular dad gift item: the monthly wine club membership. 

Help me to understand what those have to do with "dadding"? While these may be fantastic gifts for any guy, what is missing is the fact that these are supposed to be for dads.

Doing the best I could as a first-time father back in 1998, I found myself looking for something that could both help me keep the things I needed to take care of my daughter close to me and also something that could protect myself from her drool, snot, pee, and poop, which always seemed to find their way onto my clothes.

After creating my first daddy caddy for my own use, I got requests from others who had the same frustrations and asked for one. It was at that time, back in 2004, that I found a manufacturer and formed a business to sell them to others who wanted one.

In 2020 I overhauled my original design and took advantage of something that was not around in 2004: Social Media. While you may just now be hearing about us for the first time, The Original Daddy Caddy is here to help new parents, and especially to help new dads become great dads. 

There is a LOT of research that has gone into The Original Daddy Caddy. Check back soon for an overview of how this first-of-its-kind product helps moms, dads, and babies. 

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