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10 Benefits of a Dad's Involvement

I get asked a LOT about why I am so passionate about The Original Daddy Caddy. In a nutshell: It supports dads' engagement with their babies. Is that REALLY that important you ask? These ten facts (with supporting references) show overwhelmingly how involved dads affect their children

Children with Involved Fathers… 

  1. Are 4X as likely to escape poverty.
  2. Are 39% more likely to get mostly A’s in school.
  3. Are 80% Less likely to go to jail.
  4. Are 75% Less Likely to have a teen birth.
  5. Are 2X as likely to go to college.
  6. Are more ambitious for higher paying careers.
  7. Are more emotionally secure.
  8. Establish better relationships.
  9. Have greater self-confidence.
  10. Are less likely to take drugs.



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